New Mexico Speckled Trout

NM Speckled Trout

It’s the smell of rain on the desert scrub, the aroma of wet pine needles and cactus. Hit me with the cool air, as the clouds were spilling over the mountains to the east.

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Elephant Butte, NM — Bubba keeps a boat there, and we wandered up after working in El Paso. We were in T or C by 6:30 AM. On the water before 7:30, under a cloudy, almost sun-less dawn.

turn off

The next two, three hours were frenzied flailing with a variety of lures and baits, with nary a nibble. Nothing.

Bubba made a call, turns out fish in New Mexico don’t start feeding until near noon.

“Look for the gulls, where the seagulls are, then use a small minnow under them,” what was related., and I always follow instructions.

There is large, man-made water-break, at the mouth of the marina, and that’s where it started. Bubba caught a fish, a small white bass, then I had a white, then we trolled around the tires, and he got a fighter, black bass, and I identified by its Latin name, which was met with mirth.

new mexico speckled trout

All the fish went in the live well, and I was worried with white bass and black bass, in the same well, what would happen?

“You get speckled trout.”

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  • Rhubarb Aug 14, 2013 @ 11:19

    Good fishing!
    You always follow directions? News to me. Seems I read somewhere about marching to a different drummer….

  • Kramer Wetzel Aug 14, 2013 @ 11:53

    “I always do what I’m told.”

    Seriously. I’ve said that before.

  • wendy Oct 29, 2014 @ 22:34

    I’m goin’ 🙂