Food and Clothing

Food and Clothing

“They brought food instead of clothes.” My mom, addressing what Sister brought.

Seriously. Sister brought a suitcase full, packed, with fresh California kale and cucumber. Claimed all it was she was going to eat. Garden fresh food instead of clothing. Part of her current raw diet. Homegrown.

She left with a pair of my boots, too. Older pair of “ostrich,” cherry red, Lucchese, handmade in El Paso. Over 20 years old, and I’ve spent way more on repairs than the original purchase price of the boots themselves.

Keeping it in the family. Some Texas kitsch headed back to Northern CA.

I should, properly, mourn the boots. The leather is worn through the left side, and one night at the opera, there was my white tube sock, plainly visible. There’s a leather patch on either side of the hole, kind of means it time to retire the boots for good.

I asked Sister if she wanted the boots for an art project, and she jumped at the idea.

Older Ring Cycle Notes. And here (working backwards).

Food and Clothing

Show up with suitcase full of homegrown food, leave with handmade boots. I’m unsure how that plays.

It’s like family reunion, and we all get to see the Ring Cycle. That should be called, “Gods behaving badly.” Better yet, Gods, Demi-Gods and Half-lings with horrid behavior.

Meteoric rise?

space needle

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  • Rhubarb Aug 12, 2013 @ 17:47

    Now I know your sister is a Gemini, for sure. What other sign would arrive with kale and leave with boots, I ask you….

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