Political Commentary

Political Commentary

This is the way this works, and I’m haunted by my own predictions. As a synthesis of available material, over the years, I have some shortened forms I use to explain this kind of energy.

The previous astrological millennium was the Age of Pisces, and the dominate dogma was a religion with a central icon of the fish. Just coincidence. This is now the age of Aquarius, which, for me, started on New Year’s Eve, 1997.

Lockhart, TX. That’s a tale left to time in perpetuity or, just dead. Lonely guys, the Moon, was in the Seventh House, as Jupiter did align with Mars, in the sunset.

Political Commentary

Moving on, shall we? One author I respect claimed the dawn of the new age was 1904, and from there, it stretches to the Harmonic Convergence (1987), Pluto in Sagittarius (1994), Y2K (2000), 7 planets in Taurus (2000), to Dec. 21, 2012.

New Age: Age of Aquarius, it already started. The line is a wavy, squiggly grey line, not a hard and fast black line, demarcating “right here, right now.”

As this gradual shift occurs, as the dawn of conscience and consciousness changes? The old guard won’t go down without a fight.

In the interest of brevity, think, a recent headline, I read?

“Perry’s tenure, jobs or politics?”

Political Commentary

Good question. On a grander scale, though, look at the conservative battle, gutting the voting rights act, redistricting, and the apparent Republican War on Women’s Rights. All of this adds up, over time, the old guard, the old way the age of dogma is not going down without a fight.

Yes, it does look like Reason has lost a battle or two lately.

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