A Friendly Wager

Go Spurs Go

San Antonio’s mayor had a wager with the mayor of Memphis for the outcome of the series, San Antonio Tex-Mex or Memphis BBQ.

A Friendly Wager

As I scoped out San Antonio, some years ago, the standing joke was, “There are four food groups in San Antonio: Tacos, BBQ, beer and tequila.” Don’t complain, it was the way I heard it. Seems, on occasion, it’s true.

My favorite book, Two-Meat Tuesday, is a title derived from a BBQ special. I’m partial.

The deal is, why make the prize BBQ? San Antonio is awash in decent Q. Local chain, Bill Miller, has headquarters two blocks south of the mayor’s office.

Why bother with something as pedestrian as Memphis BBQ? Seriously? From the big chains, like Bill Miller’s and my personal favorite, Rudy’s, to the few hole-in-the-wall dives that are near underground legends, there’s a plethora of choices.

Spurs were a clean sweep. I’d just expect more from the mayor. Former congressional legend has a marker in one local place, and I’d expect the mayor’s twin brother (D-congress) to have similar marker in another place, see him there often enough, but BBQ from outside of Bexar County? Travis or Caldwell County, sure. Some other state? Seriously? How is that a prize?

Bexar County Line

Should have some mercy and send them some Q, show them how it’s down. Check the history of BBQ, it started here.

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  • Sarah Smith May 30, 2013 @ 9:39

    This was, of course, an impartial review of Q.

  • Kramer Wetzel May 30, 2013 @ 11:08


    No, really.

  • Kramer Wetzel May 30, 2013 @ 11:08

    On Cue.