Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere

The sign, I wonder if I wrote about it in the past?

It’s enigmatic, powerful, speaks volumes to me while saying nothing much at all. The first image, I captured with the older camera. Halfway to nowhere, for sure, I believe, it’s the old 183 to Port Aransas.

Pass through Gonzales and Goliad, part the Texas Freedom Trail, or decent historical notes, either way.

I was that way, not long ago, maybe a few months past, and as near as I can recall, the ranch, the location was no longer there. No, the land must still be there, but I don’t recall the sign and the gate. Zipping along in a hybrid at 70+ –honestly– it would be easy to miss it.

The new horoscopes are available now!

Up and coming Austin Moto GP
The eulogy is there, and the only extant image (of an image) is here.

I’m working in Austin that Sunday, and realistically? Motorcycles and racing motorcycles, especially big, fast motorcycles?

It’s a much younger man’s game.