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Over two decades ago, a favorite editor wrote about me as a web-bio that included the line that I thought I was Shakespeare in a previous life. Patently untrue, but that phrase got repeated over and over, and as a bit of fluff, the line never died.

I never thought I was Shakespeare in a past life, but I do have a propensity to quote passages from the Shakespeare Canon as a secular bible. Yes, I was raised in a small town in East Texas, and yes, I did graduate high school in New Mexico.

I’ve attended colleges and universities throughout the American Southwest with a college degree from Phoenix College, and university degree from Arizona State (Tempe). While I dabbled with advance degrees, the term “Dr.” is legal, but only as an honorary appellation. As a legitimately ordained minister, the term “Reverend” is legal, and not just an honorary title.

There’s over two decades of horoscopes, as I’ve authored daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes available online. In the current form, though, the weekly is my favorite format.

Some of that time, I lived in old East Austin, after that, the spiritual home in a trailer park in South Austin. Got to where I was fishing almost daily.

The title, Fishing Guide to the Stars, was born in a seedy TexMex place, one evening, a sketch on a napkin. My signature horoscopes are online in almost all their entirety — and have been in electronic distribution for more than two decades.

A dozen years ago, I figured the archives themselves make a perfect resume, curriculum vitae, or bio. The old bio is still floating around, so here’s the update.

From bass fishing in Austin’s Town Lake, the allure of coastal bays won me over, as I’ve drifted further south, settling in quiet neighborhood in South San Antonio. Close to the coast, and close enough to the Alamo. While I love Austin, it was getting to a point where the seedy dives were no longer dangerous and alluring, just trendy.

San Antonio (TX) never cracked my top-ten list of places to live, but as a compromise, close to the coast, couple of lakes within the Bexar County Line, and a short haul to Austin for family? Makes it as perfect as I could want.

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  • Sarah Smith Mar 5, 2013 @ 12:56

    Ah, the real Kramer doth emerge. Though truly I know that Sagittarius, for all that everything seems to be “out there”, there is a quiet, very private side that is revealed only seldom. At least, that’s true for me.

    “As a legitimately ordained minister, the term ‘Reverend’ is legal, and not just an honorary title.” You just never fail to amaze with your multifaceted self. Which church/faith tradition?

  • Kramer Wetzel Mar 5, 2013 @ 13:48

    First Church of Kramer, leader, follower, ministry of one.