Teachers and Mentors

One of the most influential teachers I ever had, studied under, and retained as a friend, he didn’t have a proper academic pedigree. He was doctoral, all but dissertation, and that’s where it fell apart, according to the legend. His myth and it sounds reasonably accurate, but the deal was, he wanted a topic on something that was bit far-fetched for the ivory towers, and the result was no dissertation, no higher degree, and bad feelings.

As I understand, he was even offered an honorary degree, later, if he would just publish on the same topic he was told wasn’t academic enough, the first time around.

Apparently, shielded again in myth and lore, there was an incident in military setting. Didn’t follow the orders because the command was immoral.

Stupid conscience. I do much better if I can operate without.

It’s problem I share with certain authority figures.

    “It’s always done this way because that’s the way it is done.”

Doesn’t always work.

Round peg, square hole. Hammer all you like, I won’t fit.

“Normal” is boring.

    Why I write horoscopes like I do.

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  • Sarah Smith Feb 9, 2013 @ 13:48

    Yes, and that’s what I treasure about you. You are not normal, not boring.

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