Weather and West Texas

January in El Paso

It’s been part of my westward swing for close to two decades, now. Last Saturday, I woke up and checked my phone for time/temperature. Showed 32 at 0500. One of their little dogs tried to crawl in bed with me and I shook him off.

    No dogs in my bed.

The ritual, as it has evolved over the years, Bubba (Ken) and I will share coffee and idle chatter shortly before sunrise.

Politics, always a hot topic, and this time, it was also gun control. As an avid sportsman, hunter, and licensed handgun carrier, it’s a big issue.

Me? Sure, I like going out and plinking in the desert, but I’m not about to weigh in, pro or con, as it’s pointless to argue the issue.

Something on TV triggered his talk button.

“They said, 74% men said, they’d cheat if they thought they’d get away with it. If they thought they wouldn’t get caught, they’d cheat.

“I could never do that — I’d know.”

In a serious moment, I left out the fact that his wife is a world-renowned psychic, and she’d probably know, and make his lives — past, represent, and future — miserable.

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  • Sarah Smith Jan 14, 2013 @ 18:32

    Good for him! To know what will happen and how you will feel about it, both being a definer of behavior, is a high testament to intelligence and conscience.

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