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For the last decade, or more, I’ve used one bank. Over all, I guess, I’m pleased. I’m not, as a user, dissatisfied. A recent event, though offered a thought process and investigation.

I have a “free” checking account. You paid me with check or cash? I probably deposited it in that account. Their terms require a certain minimum balance, and I haven’t quite figured it all out. I’m sure it is all spelled out in some place, but I couldn’t be bothered to locate the data.

They have, especially now, been good to me. Except, I can’t figure out when I get charged a service charge, and when I don’t get charged a service charge. The balance required to keep from being charged a service charge, could that money be earning more, in another location?

The sliding, mystery fee. (?)

If the minimum balance in the “free” checking account is more than $800, to get the “free” status, that means the $5 fee is less than one percent. If the $800 was invested in a savings account, wait, last time I checked, those only pay 0.009, a little less than 1 percent, then the fee works out to be about what the current savings is.

I made note of this a while back, as something I wanted to check.

As you were.(1)

    (1) “As you were, soldier.” Or, “Go back about your business,” or, my fave, now, “nothing to see, man.”

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    moving right along, ta dah dee dum.

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