Disruptive Technology

Pushing the Hi-Res Envelope

Curious bit to me, at first, I glossed over the discussion because, I didn’t see it as a point, either way.

However, the author, Ben Brooks, is correct. This wasn’t readily apparent, not at first, but I have Retina iPad and Retina PowerMacBook ithing.

    “And ah gots one of ’em ithing phones.”

The “beach house” has sporadic, at best, WiFi. I tend to just use an iPad, and at that, just leave the WiFi turned off, just use the 5G LTE, FGS, broadband. Reliable and fast.

However, there are few details, tasks, not so much web management, but certain tweaks, as well has heavy lifting, just has to be done by the laptop. The new laptop with Retina display.

On my own sites, I don’t carry a web developer graphics program or files when I travel, but the place holders, badges, and graphical pieces looked dingy, frayed around the edges against the sharp backdrop of the crisp typography.

Retina display. And my sites weren’t optimized entirely for Retina Display graphics.

Back to the drawing board.

What is disruptive, ordinary graphics raster up OK, but high-res looks clear, clean and crisp.

It is a disruptive tech. Cool.

As I’ve switched stuff to the new servers, the new hardware and backend now supports the “retina” display. Took some fiddling, but I lie the new look. Rolled up some fresh icons for the main site, as well as here.

The age of the Internet.

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  • Sarah Smith Jan 5, 2013 @ 19:00

    You lie the new look, do you? Do you also truth the new look?

  • Kramer Wetzel Jan 5, 2013 @ 21:49

    No lie.

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