The Way This Works

Or doesn’t work?

Server swap, started testing in December, and by December 21, I was ready to move, went ahead and moved, and even my favorite side-project,, all got ported over with minimum fuss and almost no downtime. One reason I subscribe to the notion of “Separation of Church and State,” as in, I use an outside source for name registration, Register4less.

One of those took less than fifteen minutes, total time.

However, and there will always be a catch, the main site didn’t translate to the new hardware in a gracious manner.

It’s all up and it’s all working and new design should be rolled out with the New Year.

Unrelated TV Quote:
“Wolowitz went to MIT, what’s your education background?”

“I went to art school.”

“Equally ridiculous.”

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  • Rhubarb Dec 26, 2012 @ 15:20

    You’ve done an amazing job, keep it all up and running while making the transition(s).

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