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Hobbits, Habits, and Cancer Cells

The original body of King Richard III might’ve been discovered.

I’ve seen Sir Ian on stage, in London, as Shakespeare’s villainous Richard III.

Sir Ian has been running along with prostate cancer for some time now. Apparently.

I think I’ve seen, maybe, one of the Hobbit movies. Read the books, back in the day. Still have one of copy, floating in and around in my library. I can’t see it at the moment, maybe not.

I do recall, especially one poignant part, of Sir Ian, on stage. The movie version is an adaptation of the play, and that play ran for a year or more on stage, if I recall, so the actor was quite practiced at the role.

Too bad as Ian McKellen will most likely be remembered for hobbits and stuff.

I’d remember him as Richard III. Not to mention, his other characters with depth and passion.

Tragic characters, at that.