Paleo Week One

I’ve listened to experts, and I’ve tried the food.

The idea is simple: simple food.

If the caveman ate it, then it’s good now.

There are variations and striations within the themes, but so far, it’s been good. Healthy, and tasty.

The beef, meat, has to be free-range, grass-fed. Couple of farmer’s markets has the key to that. I’ve tried a half dozen farms, and there’s one that’s been outstanding.

    Shudde Ranch

Flavor. All about the flavor. The grass-fed, free-range beef, it just tastes better. Pasture raised. This also included bison, and Longhorn, again, all of it has to be “all-natural,” as in, no hormones, no pesticides, no drugs.

The beef? Just tastes way, way better.

Chicken, part of the diet, cage-free, drug and disease free, too. One group of young, attractive kids, really nice guys, they have a weird, mobile “hen house,” the chickens eat bugs, scratch in the dirt, and no two egg are the same size. Or color. In a pound package of chicken breasts, the two breast filets are not a uniform size. Flavor? Just tastes better.

The deal is, no grain is allowed. Fresh vegetables, fresh produce, fresh fruit, fresh meat, and nuts for dessert. No grains. No processed foods.

It was tough, first couple of days. Hard to go to certain places and not have tortillas, but bacon and eggs are fine.

I cheat with microwave bacon. Just easier. I’m way up from my usual one meal a day to three. Typical?

Breakfast, depends on how I feel, but couple of strips of bacon — had some amazing pork from one farmer, another market find — but a few strips of bacon in the microwave and drain the grease into the frying pan, and that’s eggs, with peppers mixd in, maybe tomatoes and mushrooms. Depends on what I saw and liked.

Lunch is some of that grass-fed beef, or similar meat (protein), stir-fried with whatever veggies look good, last trip to the market? Zucchini-squash, what it was called. Lettuce, even onions, one recipe called for chicken between slices of bacon.

Avocados, maybe one a day.

Dinner, back to the fry pan, and originally, the “paleo-experts” recommend cocoanut oil or Virgo Olive oil, meat (protein), complex carbs (veggies), fats (nuts, oils). I kind of gave up, after the first can of coconut grease, the meats I’ve been getting are great, just warmed in a stir fry. Lean, but enough fat to cook up well.

Rinse and repeat. The deal is to not count calories or worry about cholesterol. Eat three times a day, or more, and mix protein, leafy veggies, and fruits.

Each meal, protein, complex carb, fat. Meat, veggie. Fruit.

If the caveman had access to it, then it’s on the diet plan.

What’s missing? Grains. Anything processed. Diary.

I cheat. I’m not giving up my morning coffee with foamed non-fat milk.(1) As I was looking into this eating plan (3), it’s only going for a 30-day cycle (2), the idea of giving up bread, while I was in a local Italian place, munching on homemade, heavy, dark raisin bread? Hard to give up forever, but for 30 days?

More energy, shedding a wheat belly, and feel better, with fewer allergies.

Two weeks, no problems.

    (1) Preventable homicide.
    (2) cf., lunar cycle, @ 28 and a half days…
    (3) what prompted this comment