Crab Cakes, part two

At the BWI airport? Not since Austin, have I ever considered airport food to be fine dining. However, at BWI, there’s a place called “Phillips,” and supposedly famous for their crab cakes. Crab balls. Got to the airport, dropped the rent car, got checked and searched, then ambled around.

The hostesses didn’t seem too clear on seating but eventually placed us at a table, and I was worried, as the Red-Head can be picky and problematic. (It’s a Capricorn thing — first class is required.)

We looked at menus items, guessed at what might be best, and then the waitress showed up, water, tea, beer, and should we get the miniature crab ball appetizers?

    “Don’t worry about that, that’s not what you’re getting, get the one plain, it’s like a dollar more, and it’s made with the lump crab, not that shredded stuff.”

    – Karen (Gemini), Baltimore Washington Intentional

It was delivered with the right balance of attitude and assistance. I wish more servers were as good as her.

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