(Jimmy Buffett, someplace in the Washington — Baltimore sprawl)

Always do love me some Jimmy Buffett music. This was an extra-special trip, it was a Saturday show, as he only plays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It was — as the lyric goes — “a labor day weekend show.”

I haven’t been as close since Jerry Jeff’s birthday bash at the Paramount in Austin, must’ve been a decade back. That was third row, folding seat in the wing. This was fifth row, center.

Kept getting bonked by beach balls.

No “jumbo-tron” images, it was real life, performer on stage.

Big shout out to that one special Red-Headed Capricorn, thanks for the seats. And crab cakes.

For a diversion, there was an “acoustic” set, maybe two-thirds of the way through, the core group programmed with just acoustic instruments. Then, there was at least one song where Jimmy played nothing but ukulele.

It was obvious the performers were having fun.

Pretty strong show.

Jimmy Buffett