Austin Paw Print

Austin Paw Print

“In Austin, everyone smokes pot and has a dog.”
— Bubba, (observed.)

So I am a big fan of the various rescue organization, as my last kitten came from a similar venue. Saved for almost 20 years, saved from uncertain death, and I like the rescue animals. If I were to acquire another pet, I’d opt for that route.

I don’t smoke pot, and I’m really not a dog person at all, but I’m still a big supporter of the organizations that help rescue.

I’m not a fan of bad grammar, not that I’m above it, no.

It’s obvious that I can mangle the language, it’s my birth-right as a Texan, I can mangle language better than most. However, I always look forward to learning.

Part of what it’s all about? Continuing to learn. Grammar, once a negative, now, I like learning.

As an adjunct to that thought, language is a mutable organism, and while there are certain rules, the rules bend, mutate, and change.

Likewise, astrology is language. It’s matter of learning the rules, means and definitions, the parts of speech, then it’s easier to decipher the messages.