Names and skill sets that change. I ran across a site called 500px … 500px.com, I think.

I joined it because I love the premise. I use that format, most often visible in the ubiquitous side project.

Bexar County Line


What I enjoy the most, though, is the simple numbers. In the past, the average computer screen was 640 by 480, or, at the best 800 by 600… probably, that’s changed, like, most iPhones have a greater screen resolution than that, I think.

While not all the time, I still prefer to shoot quick ‘spit and post’ images, cell phone style, and mostly on a phone these days. Easier. It’s easier to work within specified, tight limits. So I was hoping that the site with that name would stick within its stated limits.



A similar project, currently withering on the vine. Premise again, starts — and ends — with the 500 pixel limit. A year ago, when I swapped to the current server, I accidentally trashed some of the files, the images. I was able to resurrect the various digital bits from the original files.

The format was the same, too — five hundred pixels wide. Clear enough so that it shows up crisp and clean, the ingrained imperfections not hidden, and the image size itself — how big the file is? Quite manageable.

What disappointed me, the name. Legacy versus current reality and bandwidth?