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A number of clients have asked about how I get my material, I seem to be prolific, how my material gets distributed to all the social media outlets.

I can’t recall how I set most of this up. I can recall a few tricks. Pursuant to a discussion a few days ago, here’s the secret tip:

Yes, it’s an affiliate link, and yes, I get a commission (1). The deal is, that tool, that WordPress Plug-in saves me hours, maybe even weeks of time.

As my best editor admonished me, lo, those many years ago, “Write once, sell many.”

    Grammar question aside, the quote is accurate, and, as it turns out, the best editor, and now, advice I still hew to.

Don’t do repetitive processes that the machine can do faster, easier, and in less time. The salient point that I find most important about that plug-in? It’s very white-hat. Mostly.

I did have one WordPress site (account) suspended because some of my posts, like this one, have a commercial bend to them.

There was also a frequency issue, but with several photo-weblogs that post daily, or weekly, plus a daily journal like this one, yes, lots of material.

The previous referenced, side project, and the ‘gently wilting on the vine’ Anglo-phile site, that’s three locations that post daily or almost daily. Oddly enough, the horoscopes still get the most traffic.

Still, it’s a lot of content, and that plug-in handles the distribution thereof.

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