What’s in a Name?

King William Morning Glory (iPhone Art).

It was a morning ramble, maybe an afternoon, and I’d tend to towards afternoon as a more likely suspect as I would be overly-caffeinated and bursting with too much energy.

The fence containing the flowery vine, I’m sure I could point to a Lower King William district house, and come up with the exact location. The little Morning Glory flowers are fragile.

In our South Texas summer sun, those little flowers are burnt and closed by noon.

The fun part, for me, it isn’t the flower, it’s the name I gave it. Its title, “KW Morning Glory.”

The obvious conclusion, the KW stands for Kramer Wetzel. Nice try, but not quite.

The name for the — now historic — district is King William. Historically, it was named “King Wilhelm,” both a name and neighborhood that fell in disfavor right after WW 1. Name was changed, but the initials stay the same.

Another flower image.

King William. Flowers found on and off the sidewalk in the rather photogenic neighborhood.

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