Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets

Mars Minute

I’ve never fully realized the answers to retrogrades, especially the personal, “inner” planets like Mercury, Mars and Venus.

Technically, Mars is not an inner planet, as it falls outside Earth’s orbit. Still, it delineates and behaves like its brother Mercury and sister Venus.

I’ve developed an ongoing series, with a low, low price of merely 99 cents. Ninety-nine cents. Less than whole dollar. Certainly less than a gallon of gas or pack of cigarettes. Less than a gallon of milk, too.

Are retrogrades a cycle of doom?

I have to credit a friend with the real answer to that question, “It’s more like the moron code…”

Kramer Wetzel, author, presents

The easiest, quickest way to deal
with Mars in Retrograde
Mars Minute

The easiest, quickest way to deal
with Retrograde Venus

The Retrograde Venus,
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