Mercury Retrograde and Dictation

I was testing some dictation software. Playing with a free app, see if I could get it to work correctly.

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system for a really emergency you be told where you go what date is the world was going to in citizens network I’m not sure will help so please Busta transcribe the phone or you don’t is that even begin no good for us add King laying here first and the bastards and we have we haven’t from king Lear is a Mark Twain know Sandra Terrace I’m going to be predisposed liking this guy and he had a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court and that included information about clips in Chaucer in one of the Canterbury tales. There’s a particularly high and low time to love Thai think they practice in thinking that academic part of the clips pattern K that’s for science meets literature and Shakespeare of course I just use that quote because I like it best of venues that quote for many years now these late… But can know good brass at four I get a start this give some background to the Audited a lot of people have about eclipses Summit in touch Because they’re occurring on a Sagittarius and Gemini access what that means because Sagittarius is amenable buyers sign in Gemini is amenable Airside this give. Volvo make sure to what is Eclipse that has to be look at it is what goes on mechanically if there was perfect ordered the universe

That is the result of one session, the software records about a page of text at a time. Kind of interesting, and maybe useful.

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