Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

Last weekend in Austin, I checked my email from the show, and the mail server crapped out. Busy. Didn’t have time to fix it. Babysitting on Sunday, I called tech support and had a friendly chat, problem solved.

Not really.

Not even.

Three calls Monday morning, tempers getting heated.

The e-mail was fixed which caused a cascading problem and the Domain Name Server thing quite pointing.

Which is another world, hence the title.

Part of the problem traces back Cloudflare, which I’ve deployed, and, in two cases, removed. Part of the problem. Supposed to be part of the solution, but sometimes, as much, if not more, trouble than it cures.

When the cure is worse than disease.

I believe in separation of church and state, and following that line of thought, I keep my domains registered separate from the host.

The news, good or otherwise, involved a lesson for me about how to communicate what the exact issue or problem is, to tech support.

Still, price, features, some of the tech support, still worth it.

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