Healing Mercury Retrograde Woes

Like so many of my tales, it started in a trailer park in South Austin. My fang-sway buddies assured me I would see a demonstrable difference in my business, my income, if I would just put the lid down on the toilet seat.

Had to do with a trailer and where the bathroom was located. I tried it. Worked. Worked well.

Healing Mercury Retrograde Woes

Healing Mercury Retrograde Woes

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Here’s the idea, above and beyond what I’ve already offered, a new, short-term fix.

My Fang Sway buddies talked about placing a small picture on the back of the toilet bowl, something with a hint of fire and grounding.

So, here’s the cure, a small image suitable for framing, large enough to get a high resolution print done, but perhaps, best as a 3×5, maybe 4×6, although it can be blown up as far as 8×10, easily, just an image, free to grab right here, from a recent coastal excursion.

As I understand the theory, the water element in the toilet needs to be counteracted by some earth element. It’s more like a “tweak” rather than an all-out cure. Same principle as the lid on the toilet.

The ambience of the flower warms with a fire-like elemental, while the earth surrounding it really grounds it.

With Mercury Retrograde in Aries, ruled by Mars, and Mars Retrograde in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, any kind of cure is welcome, right?

Alternate File: click here.

Grab the picture, print it, stick it over the toilet.

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