The Myth and Meaning of the Scorpio Moon

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

No sign is more misunderstood than Scorpio. Credited with a vengeful side that defies mere logic, the Scorpio sentiment, like a flavor, of the Moon is often misinterpreted.

While there are many schools of thought in astrological circles, a few observations about the Scorpio Moon stand out.

“Is it all about sex?”

That seems to be the common, prevalent thought. The inherent Scorpio component always reduces to that main element, which makes the world go round, the glue that holds relationships together, the reason to get out of bed, or, more often, get back in bed: sex.

The source, the gleam in the eye, goal, all of that motivational material, it’s all about that for Scorpio. To be fair, there is that element quite evident in most Scorpio placements. Something about that smoldering and smoky allure can’t be bested by any other placements.

With the gentle countenance of the Moon in the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio, there’s more than hint about appeal. However, that’s just a way to get the door open. There’s much more to this Moon’s sign.

Scorpio is a fixed, water sign. It combines the good qualities of depth of passion, in the water element, and enhances that depth with the tenacious fixed quality. To an untrained eye, it would appear stubborn.

Perhaps the best example of this Scorpio fixed-water quality is an idyllic stroll on a tropical beach, the image drawn from postcards in paradise. The water, the shimmering blue, blue-green ocean, sometimes capped with white, frothy breakers, that water, over eons of time, pounds on the rocks. The rocks were worn down by the water, resulting in sand. Soft, pliant sand, worn smooth for bare feet by the action of the waves.

The example of water working on hard rock and reducing it to sand is good way to grasp the Scorpio Moon’s determination. Once a goal is set, arguably set in stone, once that target is acquired, very little will stop that Scorpio from attaining that goal, whatever it is. It’s the good side, too, with all that fixity, as it can get the job accomplished, no matter what the odds are.

The two main characteristics of the Scorpio Moon are then smoldering sensuality and dogged determination. There’s also a hint of control, perhaps an overbearing image of the Scorpio as a control freak. Nothing is further from the real situation, though.

The Scorpio Moon tends to analyze and see what pieces, parts, what resources are best fit in what location, and how to maximize return for effort expended. While it might appear as a domineering symbol in a horoscope, the real meaning has to do with allocation of resources. In other words, “What goes best, where.”

There is a tendency with Moon sign to place a greater than average, whatever that might be, emphasis on the physical nature in a relationship. Towards that end, it’s possible to confuse the intentions with a controlling desire. Again, that’s not the real source, or, for that matter, not the real issue. It’s less about control and more about security.

The Scorpio Moon is all about security, sensuality and tenacity.

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