Pineapple Grenade

Within the the first twenty pages of most of the Serge Storms books by Tim Dorsey, I’m always moved to drop the author a simple note, “I really love you, man!”

Not always the best comment and sometimes, I’m sure that can be misconstrued. Never mind. There’s an excitement and vibrancy with the prose, the way the tales skyrocket from place to place, action, adventure, sarcasm, social commentary, and most important?

Think about the thugs, the obnoxious customer service people who really should be punished.

Thing is, this is seriously sick and twisted stuff, with a side of social commentary layered in, but not too much so it isn’t fun. Who else can take our childhood toys from Wham-O, and turn those devices into brutal and spectacular mass murder toys?

Since this is lively fiction, it makes sense and justice is served.

Nota Bene: Bottom of page 215 (wink).

Serge Storms: I follow no one!

Pineapple Grenade

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Okay, I didn’t get the running gag about the artificial leg with the Willie Nelson sticker at first. 

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