The Natal Sagittarius Moon

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

In Western Astrology, the sign of the natal moon gets a certain emphasis. With the advent of computers to replace hours of calculations and corrections, it is possible to know the exact sign of the moon which helps.

The natal Sagittarius Moon is an odd one in that it doesn’t always have Lunar characteristics.

The sign of the Archer, the Centaur, the half-man, half-horse, it isn’t always a flattering image. While quite noble of mind, the Sagittarius Moon can also be brutally blunt, coming across as crass and ignoble. The truth may hurt, and that Sagittarius Moon would do well to learn about decorum and etiquette.

Sagittarius is the Ninth member of the Tropical Zodiac. When the Moon is placed in this sign, there’s a slight reverberation as the subtle nuances of typical moon material get overrun with the rash, brash, Sagittarius bluster.

The astrological glyph, the symbol, for Sagittarius is the archer’s arrow, pointed up. As such, it typifies that Sagittarius zeal embodied by this moon sign. The problem being, while that Sagittarius Moon is busy looking ever-upwards, following that arrow, seeking forward motion and momentum, sometimes, this forward rush comes at the expense of those getting in the Sagittarius way.

While the Natal Moon is generally associated with female characteristics, the unmistaken male sentiment attached to that Sagittarius Moon adds a calloused and rough feeling, while still being delicately tied to the native moon.

There’s an art to the balance, and that’s the core essence of this moon’s placement, walking that tightrope, high-wire act between the raw exuberance of Sagittarius muted with the female nature of the Moon. Unchecked, this is raw and brash personality, abrasive in being truthful, frequently with no tact.

The planet associated with the sign of Sagittarius is Jupiter, nominally, a gas giant. It takes roughly 12 years for Jupiter to complete an orbit of the Sun, giving the planet about a year in each sign. As a significant planetary influence, the expansive, lucky star as Jupiter is commonly referred to as, that streak of benevolence, the stroke of luck, that is carried forward in the Sagittarius Moon.

Lucky, benevolent, kind, voluble, all the good characteristics, yet it’s not without fault, as that behavior that can appear crass, uncouth, and unwieldy, too. The typical Sagittarius Moon will pop off with the right comment, perhaps the most perfect comment of all, heartfelt and sincere, at just the wrong time.

There are several layers of interpretations of this Moon Sign placement, from good to bad to ugly to wondrous. There’s an abrupt feeling that gets along well with this, comprehending, in short notice, that the situation can change. There’s even a suggestion that the Sagittarius Moon can take a bad situation and make it better.

Remember that no matter how dark times might be — or how difficult the situation may appear to be — the Sagittarius Moon is capable of finding the ray of hope.