Texas Mattress Co.

The Texas Mattress Company


It’s a favorite image, first shot a few years back, and one that I’ve grown to love. No reason. It’s an old location, I’d guess, along South Alamo, just before or after Interstate — I don’t recall, and, I’d guess it depends on one’s relative location, whether it is before or after the Interstate.

That was originally a Sky Friday image, but I got told to leave the original meme, access denied, and that was the original thinking, sore source motivation that made me look up and see, then take, the image.

The image itself is still rather evocative. For me, it’s part of the old pedestrian route towards a mission, while above and beyond, it is symbolic for its shape. The shape of Texas is a universal image, been my experience.

The blue sign against a blue sky, and I’m thinking , seen only from the south side is the shape geographically correct.

There is other signs and symbolism on that one small stretch of rood, including the front of the store itself, “open to the public,” and now, apparently, closed.

The importance? Should be obvious, “sleep is life.”

Like the sign says.


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