Santa Fe Flower Bed

The flowers, I have no idea what the name is. I think I’ve seen them as ‘spot of color’ in local nurseries, so it’s not like these are native New Mexico floral patches.

Twin elements visible in the image do set this part from any other part of the country, at least, sets it apart from any place I’ve visited, or lived, besides New Mexico.

Those twin elements are the adobe-colored plaster, oh, I chopped that, but the color is very much like the garden’s rock border, extends up the wall, then fence becomes, seamlessly, part of the house. The companion piece to the adobe plaster and earthenware construction is the thin black tube, leading to the left. Really, it’s pointing from the left, but as visual clue, there’s not much. Irrigation tube. Sort of a little, light drip feeder of sorts.

The image came after a weekend home, just as I was pimping for Austin. I had some other images on a camera chip, and that caused a pause to stop and look at the week before images.

There’s still one beetle on the hard desert, lonesome little feller, I keep meaning to do something with that image. This week’s video header is from Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch. The flower bed is just outside the drive, in Santa Fe. No big deal, there.

I’m back in South Austin, now. I’m unsure if this is work or play, this weekend.

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