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Eat Spit Be Happy
Red item on Monday – jalapeño sunflower seeds
I was born and raised in East Texas. Western edge, but still, East Texas. Professionally, socially, and occasionally for pure entertainment, I’ve spent much time in rugged and sparse — and sparsely beautiful — West Texas. Almost a year ago exactly, I snapped a similar image.


This time, it was in a Texaco super store with marginally clean bathroom, cold Dr. Pepper, and then another one of those items that made me wonder. South on interstate 37, going towards the coast.

The lettering is for the red theme, as is the flavor, hot. Did I buy any? No. What this speaks to me about is the odd confluence of culture, language, land and traditions. A simple image, caught on a phone camera, and yet, the oddest point is how natural it all seems here.

I’ve grown to love South Texas. Weird is normal, here.

That was from a coast trip, last month.

Wasn’t until I imported the image that I saw the motto, “Eat, Spit, Be Happy!”

I have to question whether hot jalapeño salsa (flavored) sunflower seeds are available — and enjoyed — elsewhere in the world. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing this is another one of them South Texas anomalies.

Where else, who else, would suggest that?

Eat. Spit. Be happy.

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