Random Rambling Notes

Random and Rambling notes:
I was lucky enough together tapped by Elaine to be the inaugural speaker and teacher for her vastly encompassing Tarot Class. It really is a masters class since it deals with myth and mythology as well as numbers, astrology, color theory, and other arcane systems throughout the Tarot deck.

Can’t study one branch of metaphysics without running into another.

I taught the Astrology Section. Natural and easy fit for me.

Less than a week later, at their behest, Elaine and the producer, I hammered out a quick tear sheet study guide.

Since then, there have been several other teachers. Last I heard, none of them bothered to follow up with subsequent material.

There’s a subtle difference between an amateur “psychic” reader and those of us who do this for a living.

You’re reading this — I have faith in you — now, have faith in yourself.