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Magazines Promotions:
Some wine magazine added me to their subscription list. Big, glossy, tabloid-sized weekly. Turns out, my name on the list was pure marketing.

“Your free subscription is now up…”

It was actually more annoying than enticing.

I thought about giving it to my wine-drinking buds, of which there are precious few, most drink tequila, beer, scotch, beer, bourbon, beer, but in circulating the magazine, the advertisers get exposure and branding, which just helps the magazine.

I tossed it in the recycle bin. Every time. Annoyed that they sent it to me.

TechCrunch – I think – addressed a similar finding:

I’ve used friends’ Groupon coupons two, three times now. Sounds about right. Not going back. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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