Surrealism and realism


In LA, every street view has a shot of the Capitol/EMI building —

If any beneficiary hereunder shall contest the probate or validity of this will, or provision thereof, or shall institute or join in, except as a party defendant, any proceeding to contest the validity of this will or to prevent any provision hereof from being carried out in accordance with the terms hereof, regardless of whether or not such proceeding are instituted in good faith or with probable cause, then all benefits shall pass to the other beneficiaries of this will, other than such beneficiary.

Sometimes, this material is unrelated.

With the state of the economy, over 50% of adults preferred “Made in America.”,, are all made in America. Proudly so. Most work is done in our custom astrology chart shop in South Texas.


As expected, an interesting read. Take away point? At the conclusion. Exact same advice I gave a client a few weeks ago.

Yes, I’ve heard a musical variation, if you don’t want the news on the cocoanut telegraph, don’t do it.

I’ve been on the internets since before they were internets. Anything online is accessible.

Part of that advice was about pictures, but it applies to text, as well.

Damn near anything — put it on the web and it is in the public domain.

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