Mercury Retrograde and Installation

Mercury Retrograde & Installation
There’s this new WordPress Plugin called “on swipe.”

Click and install on a side-side project

Results were good, interesting, and fairly useless. The plug-in installs an iPad-friendly, iPad-tuned, iPad-preferred site. Or a layer on the existing site.

The plug-in detects an iPad browser and layers on an alternative flip-book style GUI. The first time I hit a page that had this, one of the mac rumor sites I tap from time to time, I decided it was a difficult site to navigate with the OnSwipe look.

Resistant to change? Not me!

It is a new graphical interface on the web. For me, just me, it’s relatively useless since the sites I build require a more strict coding. It’s a very cool idea as it turns my sites into a magazine-feeling interface.

Cool, slick, and not exactly useful, not for me. The magazine feel is interesting in a good way, nice to see the development headed that way so it’s like a digital magazine. While that’s excellent for flipping through and perusing non-mission-critical data, the sliders and layout isn’t that useful.

Five windows or sections, each with a potential to pop open with content, it’s fun, but from a management view, which is part of what I need, it’s not so wonderful. Part of that might be because of the way I work, or the cool graphical material isn’t as useful.

Previously, I alluded a single ‘award winning’ piece of software that performed a similar function. Last year’s app. Did the same thing, turned feeds into a magazine-like display.

Cool for casual use, but for data consumption, I tend to require more input, less flash.

As previously noted, simple is hard to do.

With Mercury Retrograde, this is a good example of research, development, and resetting a site to what I started with, all in the name of progress. The intrigue of web development, importance of keeping current, and then testing, kicking the tires, and moving parts around.

Some folks get frustrated, but it’s about learning. Wasn’t wasted energy, but the casual, offhand style isn’t sensitive to my linear, data-intensive style. With a splash of ADD and serendipity layer in for flavor. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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