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Five Facts About the Author

Favorite spice: Cayenne
Favorite Artificial Bait: 5-inch Chartreuse Senko
Favorite Live Bait: Shrimp (under a popping cork)
Favorite Album: “Step Inside This House” (Lyle Lovett)
Favorite Food: TexMex (breakfast)

Fusion Foods

In El Paso, last month, we ate at Lucy’s. King’s X. The food was remarkable to me, since , not since the old truck stop, have I found the perfect combination of Mexican, Texan, and local flavors combined in a proper fashion. To be brutally honest, the refried beans weren’t that wonderful. Nothing beats the south-side San Antonio tacqueria I like for refried beans and handmade flour tortillas. However, for El Paso food, that place had the best manchaca I’ve had in long time. Portion, and delivery was perfect, the eggs were fluffy and mixed with the dried beef, onions and peppers, then slathered in melted cheese, the concoction was laid out diagonal across the platter, with a dollop of refried beans at one end, and perfect hash-browns potatoes (log) at the other end, three diagonal servings. Perfect.

For a brief, sining moment, it was the confluence and marriage of food style, as defined by local traditions and cultural mix. The hash brown roll was that shredded potato style, a common anglo dish, supposedly from Northern Europe. Originally. I think it the American chain, McDonalds, who perfected the hash brown, and that roll was exceptional as a compliment to the TexMex manchaca and then the real refried beans. Three cultures, one plate, a feast.

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