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Link bait subtext: skate tough or go have sex

I was saving some of this for the next Mercury Retrograde period, end of this month, but, the recent notice of the good people of Google making a stab at lowering the ranking of the silly content farms hastened my efforts.

JFGI (Just Google It – the F is silent – it’s a French thing)

Some of the content is duplicated in the site. Apparently that is no longer fashionable. Just means, when I’ve had a chance to upload material to the database, I should remove the old, static files.

As of 2009, I was moving all the horoscopes towards the current content motor. Works well, from an administrative end, as this is much simpler to run. However, Google really doesn’t like content farms now.

That I understand, as the content farms, the repositories of articles designed to be attractive to search engine traffic, most of those are quite, quite, what I saw, I quit looking, but the various content farms are articles scraped and slightly modified from other examples, no depth, and I think what Google did was good.

Adapt or go home.
(Hence the graffiti allusion, “skate tough or go have sex,” anyone?)

Just librarian work for me. Not all bad, just sorting and filing. I built the first of the pages that were the backbone of this site, I should know where everything is. Or was, at one time.

The up and coming server swap is a headache, too, and I’m under the (self-imposed) timeline of getting it all done before Mercury goes Retrograde.

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