The Worst Part about Borders

This is about Borders Bookstore, not my beloved and under-siege borderland.

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Not really a big surprise in these times. However, look at the media itself. This is what doesn’t keep me awake at night.

I got out a ruler and started measuring on the big screen at home. Top three inches were ads and menus, including the title, in its stylish print, but still, lots of advertising space. Then, a banner for the individual column, with FaceBook and Twitter — and RSS Feed — links. Left-hand column for more advertising, inch wide. Right hand over-flow column, three inches wide (more ads).

So the content, weighs in at just under 1,000 words, with a comic strip as a lead-in, the text is maybe a 4 or so inches wide and doesn’t start until almost six inches beneath the top of the browser, in some machines, that would be below the fold.

I was working on a Scorpio scope about the misuse of sarcasm. That piece fit right in.

The larger question, for me, as I’ve done some back-end fiddling lately, I was shooting for a minimalist approach, what you get if you pay, and it’s, in my mind, and looking at that article, so worth it.

Pink Cake A commonplace book.

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