Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration
“It amuses me.”

I’m always afraid I’ll jinx myself, cause a flood of biblical proportions, or a plague of locusts, but I’m not one who lacks for inspiration.

Part of that comes from years and years on the road – pursuing an avocation that I love, drifting along at the hands and whims of the gods and the Fates.

A rose on the South Texas coastal bend.

Sometimes, the Muses.

I did not pick this career. That being said, it fits me well. I enjoy travel, and I love Texas with all its eccentricities.

Day to day, I live in place where I find color, culture, and the clash of local color with both low and high brow culture.

Most of all, I live someplace where I can feel like a perpetual tourist, always amazed.

There are two components, really, one is a true sense of place. The other is a sense of awe, as inspired by whatever that place is.

Sister has a sense of place about northern cal. Bubba has it about a little town in Central Texas. I like all of Texas, revered and referential.

My sense of wonder is borne out of years in Austin, learning a new way to look at the world. Perhaps it’s an innate sense of wonder, but still, honed in Austin’s creative cauldron.

That, and I really like taking pictures of Hibiscus flowers. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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