Cash or Credit?

Cash or Credit?
Started with I was going to do a list of top iPad apps that I like and use. I mean, there’s one app that is highly rated, free app, and I don’t get it. Not functional at all, not to me.

However, after working in Austin all weekend, the convenience of the can’t be beat – credit card reader, application, and merchant account, all in one.

Streamlined process, streamlined processes, streamlined processing.

Used it on my old phone, and now on the iPad.

The price is right. Swipe the card and hand the card back with iPhone or iPad for the buyer to sign, “Just use your fingertip on the iPad….”

Top ten iPad apps:
After desultory results with one top-rated news aggregator app, I tired this next one with a heavy, skeptic eye.

Sky grid

Which turned up a new movie:

With a stellar cast, some of whom I’ve seen on London’s stage.

Don’t know how long it will last, but that app is a new favorite, along with a feed read called “Feedler,” the two apps, then, would be in that top ten list.

Both apps are about how I consume media. Both are based on RSS tech.

There’s iBooks, too. Easy way to read any eBook – and PDF files like books…

That was a free add-on app. Use it frequently. Again, about media consumption. Get it on iTunes.

There are two other apps loaded on the iPad, but I don’t use them there. I use them almost exclusively on the iPhone. and

The camera on that phone is pretty limited. However, the additional apps make it feel like it works better. For me, the image apps are fun to toy with, filters and frames.

Apple’s native number spreadsheet, it’s tax season, already used it once, and the word processor, Pages, it’s serviceable, too. The ease of migrating documents back and forth is the most appealing aspect of those two.

I would put FaceBook at the bottom, but increasingly, I have clients who seem to think FB is e-mail. It’s not, but never mind that now. Separate complaint. has promise. I’ve only used it a few times, one was a recurring error in the text on a web page, simple single-digit edit. Hasn’t paid for itself, and that gets back to my original complaint that the hardware isn’t robust enough to replace a laptop.

This week’s top ten in apps:
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