Ruby Tuesday

With no image, just a story. The referenced image is here, the ubiquitous side-project.

I’ve long since been exposed to the retail giant’s musical selection. I tend to forage a bit in the different aisles, looking for some rare deal that I might otherwise miss.

The English translation, “F Troop,” that forces another dredge through the backwaters and byways of the mind. “F Troop,” TV show, probably caught it afternoons on reruns, but I seemed to recall, for the briefest time, primetime, at a grandparent’s house. Don’t hold me to that memory, as even a cursory web search doesn’t jog enough memory cells to recall details. Dates don’t jive, either.

Funny show, I think. Which was why I tried to get the connection, tried to build an angle between local Tejano stars and two seasons of black and white TV. Comedy.

Apparently, but this could be a media spin, the name for the band derived from the whole family trooping into a local radio station for an on-air spot.

DJ said, “You look like an army,” and a name was born.

No relation to the TV show, and, apparently, I’m the only one who can make that leap, across two languages and several generations.

Or maybe, I’m the only one willing to make that leap. |

I’ve asked before, maybe this visual will help Why do the new guys at the Apple Store have to wear red T-shirts?

The title caught my attention, “When reading becomes writing,” here, and halfway through, I wondered if it was written by a machine or person.

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