Late to the Dance

I’m rather late to the eReader dance Really late.

However, I did, after much struggling with format and export functions, I’m just suggesting that Apple could have a more seamless way to go from manuscript to iBook submission, I mean you would think, am I right, or what?

After just throwing up my arms in despair a time or two, I finally got it loaded. Those arms never do digest well, anyway. So the books are on Kindle and Apple’s own iBooks, some for free, some for fee. Not very much. I just miss, and I always will, reading books as books. Not that I’m a big fan of dead trees, and I keep trimming my own library in an effort to keep it to a more manageable size. Still…

Here: for some copies, and for the paid-up cognoscenti? All the books for no extra charge.

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Just in time:

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