AT&T, what happened?

I’m guessing, maybe a dozen years ago or more, I was making a webpage for a Scorpio who sold cell phones by the sea shore. Try that fast.

That was when a type of phone was linked exclusively with a carrier, much like AT&T is currently linked to iPhones and iPads. As a tangent to a reading the other afternoon, the point was that the AT&T coverage is spotty, at best, in parts of rural Texas.

Why this amuses me: back in the day? AT&T was known for the “deer blind” phone. At least one of the phones they offered, that Sales Scorpio called it a deer blind phone, “I promise, this will work in the most remote deer camp in West Texas.”

What happened?

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“Next phone I’m getting, be a Verizon iPhone,” Sister said, “it’s a coverage issue.”

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