“A cup of coffee is always welcome.”
Jack Reacher in Lee Childs excellent Worth Dying For (a Reacher novel). P. 128.

We all have guilty pleasures. Lee Child’s seamless authorship sucks me right in, each time.

The home of the three-pound cinnamon roll. Made famous on TV… I knew about before. Last time I was there, the French Toast with a side of bacon? I counted seven -7- strips of bacon.

I watched as three different tables ordered up the famous cinnamon roll. No one finished it. No one.

The Roman – Babylonian as well – method of peering into animal guts to divine the future.

It was a late November afternoon, last decade or so. My redheaded Capricorn and I finished a meandering hike around the lake and rode over to the Hula Hut for a sweaty, late afternoon meal.

We watched, sitting there, feeding the carp chips on one side of the dock, while a cold north wind kicked up and the temperature dropped 30 degrees.