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On another site, listed in the links, but not linked here, I found an interesting commentary about the comments on the blog not being open. At all. The anonymous nature of the comments was cited for the reason of no comments – on that site.

I rather enjoyed thoughtful commentary, usually do, and that’s what piqued my curiosity. From a business viewpoint, communication with potential clients is important. From an artistic viewpoint, even more so, and my basic skill set is a marriage between art and science, to some, pseudo science.

Quite by accident, war I discovered, sort of a bonus to the members-only arrangement, I put a short run on the comments. Comment section for each set of scopes is only open for seven days, I think that’s how I set it up.

Tangential to this idea, there’s the tale circulating the web about how Steve Jobs himself phoned an app developer about an app rejection, and the revamped app is now available in the iStore. Or whatever that is.

As a sidebar item to the Jobs story, there are tales of other Apple luminaries who reach out and touch, really call or email, individuals.

To bring it back around, the original comment was about a blog that had comments closed, and I’ve thought about that, because it forced commentators to email.

Additionally, that author had Twitter listed as a contact point. @kramerw, my Twitter handle. However, Twitter, like FaceBook, I tend to bounce at least 3 daily blog entries out through there, plus the compounding of other feeds, so it shows up two or three times over. Too much?

E-mail, still the best way to reach me.

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