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My little friend, the Leo, Elaine, she’s constantly working on new ways to draw in clientele. At the last event we worked together, she had a bowl with what looked like Runes. Instead, they were oblong wooden beads with her URL on one side and a single inspirational word on the other, words like “Create,” and “Happiness.”

I still have one on my desk, next to the keyboard.

Other ideas? Like breaking the 4th wall?

Who wins this fight?
The consumer.

One of the highest grossing editorial policies, revealed.

Title: Two-Meat Tuesday
Kindle Edition

“There’s an app for that!”
Here’s the company/product link. Like most new products, they have a demo on video. I think I need one.

I can just imagine, doing a reading and the client starts to get argumentative.

The minivan ad:
Certain brand of car manufacturer is running an ad campaign for a series of cars. Previously, a friend’s comment that was too funny?

“Minivan. He gets me a minivan, he gets a divorce.”

So the ad, it’s a metal shredding noise, the heavy guitar riff, the flash pots, a video clip with a guitar “gawd…”

It’s still an ad for a minivan.

A minivan.

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