What’s your hurry?

The sign is outside a well-worn bar in Odessa, TX. Apparently, the new TV serial “Lone Star” is set in that neighborhood. However, in case the irony is missed by unsuspecting audiences, the show is filmed in Dallas with parts of Ft. Worth being used for Midland.

I figured that out from the pilot: pause the frame, in the background, of a “Houston” shot, there was a sign that said “Garland (some business).” Garland is like, a north-east quadrant of Big D.
Dos Amigos Sign That sign really is from Odessa, TX. Dos. Perfect message, and one that I’ve been known to promote, often. Usually while standing in line, “Whoa, slow down, you’re already here…”

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
Pink Cake A commonplace book.

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