Waterloo & City

It’s a favorite image because it’s a favorite story and tale. Waterloo & City underground line, part of what I like is the color itself, a teal color, reminiscent of the Edwards’ Aquifer water source – limestone source for waters is usually that teal color. I noticed it, that color, numerous times, winging into the Austin airport on clear, fall afternoons. Look out the airplane window, the natural Hill Country waters, all teal colored, up in the willow bends.

So that’s the color, each London Underground “Line” has a color. So that Waterloo & City color is teal. That’s the first installment. The second installment is the line itself – runs under the Thames, and at one time it was the deepest Tube line. Runs from Bank to Waterloo. And back. That’s it.

I’ve used this in a horoscope as a set-piece, sooner or later, and it worked. Still, as the images crops up, I’m reminded of several excursions – and the stationmaster looking at the odd tourist grinning as I rode the train. At least one time, I rode to one station, got off and rode the same train back.

How cool would that be?

“This train terminates at Bank.”

“This train terminates at Waterloo.”

That’s all. I mean, how cool would that be?

I was downtown and ran into a politically connected (Sagittarius) buddy. He looked surprised to see me, “I asked mom, weren’t you in London? Ask her, she’ll tell you.”

No, just pictures and memories.

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