Quality and Quantity

Books on iTunes!
Two-Meat Tuesday will be available on iTunes, for free.
Same with the digital version of Bexar County Line.
Free on iTunes.
The Portable Mercury Retrograde?

99 cents. Less than a dollar. Compatible with iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Probably can be hacked to work on any eBook reader.

Subtitle: Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress, Blogs, Spelling, and Grammar.
The current social media suggestions are fewer tweets, fewer posts and better entries. That’s the most up-to-the-minute trend analysis. Wait, has that changed? Not yet.

My backbone obligation has always been a weekly column. Not unlike many other online authors, I’ve struggled with the money. Last time I checked, there were about a billion people with blogs.

Are You a 1 Hit Wonder or a Meal Ticket ?

It is amusing living in South Texas, two favorite teams, the Spurs, and whoever is playing Dallas. I still like Mark Cuban’s take on many matters media.

New Braunfels daily – interesting subscription price structure and point. Compare with the old gray lady, NYT.



The problem, I figured it out. The ranks of bloggers, we called ourselves online journal writers at the time. I’ve maintained a web journal, a lot less of dialogue, and a lot more of the original tag line, “Experimental and Experiential,” I’ve kept something going since 1998…

Blog format, blog style. Not quite a “pro” blog but not an amateur. Learned stuff along the way, mostly the hard way.

This space is a digital petri dish, a place where experimental material is played out, success and failure.

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