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The Upsell
I got one of the usual unsolicited e-mails about a “free credit report,” click here. I didn’t bother, but I was intrigued that it still works, the “free” moniker. Typically, they are free if accompanied by a credit card number for monthly maintenance. Sure, wink, nod.

I was working through some marketing training and material. Every step along the course, there was an ‘up sell.’ Not all bad, but I realized that my basic business premise, my essential way of doing this is seriously lacking. I have no upsell.

There’s no extra bonus. There’s not something else that needs to be resold, hyped or pushed. One product – one low price.


However, one thought leads to another, and what I started thinking about was some way to slightly ramp up the sales. New idea, still no up sell, either.

I tried to be humorous – didn’t get the point

Here we go: the voice mail number is just that: voice mail. Leave a verbal message. If you are trying to sell something, probably won’t hear back. Can’t text to that number, either. All you can do is leave a message. Since the voice mail is rudimentary, at best, common sense would suggest leaving a call back number.

An all-time funny message? “I’m at work so you can’t call me back at this number…”

What number? I’d complain about the lack of services with that phone number, but it’s been my business number since 1992. 512/209-2200.

But it’s just voice mail. 

One option is follow me on Twitter. Find me on Facebook. 

If you want a personal note from me, though, the best form of communication is still e-mail.

I’ve read about the predicted death of email and yet, in studies, email is still more popular that Twitter, FaceBook, or text.

Yes, still the best way to communicate with me: astrofish.net/contact

It’s email.

From the Art of War:
16. While heading the profit of my counsel, avail yourself also of any helpful circumstances over and beyond the ordinary rules. 17. According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans.

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