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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Searching for the best way to express “Venus in Retrograde” energy, I noticed that Wally World is retailing iPads. Soon.

Last grocery trip I had to a Wal-Mart, I noticed a whole new counter advertising iPhones. Huge display, serious retail real estate. Only reason I saw that is, to be honest, it used to be the sporting goods aisle in that store. Bullets and fishing poles. Some of the electronics are worth looking at. I buy some discount items in the mega-store. If it’s cheaper by half, why not. Rhetorical.

The original iPhone was released under less than ideal astrological conditions, if I recall. Can’t find the link now. I was thinking and doing a partial analysis of the iPad release date for the largest retailer in the world, compared with that first iPhone release. First iPhone? They stood in line. I waited and updated late, but the updated phone was a better device. Three Gee better than version one.

Apple is legendary for its design. Works flawless and is visually, viscerally appealing. Previously, also known as upper crust and/or retail snobs. iPods crept into the wall marts and now, a full-on iPad retail outlet.

Sleek and snobby, that’s my Apple. Wal-Mart is usually clean, and usually warehouse in style. What was the statistic? Wal-Mart real estate is the equivalent the tenth largest state. There’s at least one super Wal-Mart I figured was larger than Vermont. Maybe Vermont and New Hampshire together.

The extreme good taste of Apple hits the less refined bulk sales leader.

Venus is Retrograde, all right.


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