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Ya’ll wrote: I see the ads on the side of your site, do they pay well?

Short answer? Yes and no. Long answer is different.

The Google Ads have paid on occasion, as have other advertising services I’ve used. Is it worth it? That’s debatable, at best. Running ads for competing services worried me, at first, but after checking it out, I’m not worried at all. I know no one other horoscope site delivers what I do. I also know my own limits an

The ads I prefer, though, is Amazon. I link to my books, and sometimes, I’ll link to whatever I’m reading or reviewing. Or listening to.

One seminar “expert” claimed that there was no difference between site running Google Ads and site not running Google ads. In other words, Google returned the same results.

While I’m sure that it is true, I still have a suspicious mind, and I’m curious whether that’s true or not. I’m not willing to run a second site to figure it out, though.

In my mind, the suggestion is that Google finds a site that is running Google Ads, faster. They claim, and I’ve listened to an expert make the same noise, that there is no difference.

On the inter-webs, who do you trust?

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